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WightAID make grants of between £250-£10,000 to charities which can demonstrate that such a grant will make a difference to their work and meet all the application criteria. If you cannot demonstrate this, your application will be declined.


Our Grant rounds will be the following months for 2024, but this is subject to change depending on how many applications we have.  Please try to get your applications in as early as possible, and at the latest by the beginning of each month. 

Grant Calendar 2024 (subject to change)

JanuaryMarch, April, June, July, September, October, November

All applications will be acknowledged, usually by email. All declined applications will also be informed by email.



To apply for up to £500 click here or email us: 


We need to know:

  • Your organisation name 

  • The amount of money you require 

  • The project or equipment the money will go towards 

  • How the community or members benefit from this grant 

  • A website or charity number which confirms the organisation exists 

  • Your bank details 

If you are successful, we will ask you to send us an evaluation feedback, which can be downloaded below.

For grants above £500 click here                     


or email us the Application Form below– Check the Application Criteria below, and if you require any help in completing the forms do not hesitate to contact us on Tel: 01983 555915 or email and we can assist you.

Important Documents 


word .docx

Grant Application Form

Application Criteria

Terms & Conditions

We prefer online or email applications, but will accept applications by post. However, applications made by post might take a lot longer to process 

The Trustees

The Wight Aid Foundation
Elm Lane
Isle of Wight

PO30 4JY      


Applications are acknowledged by email within in one week of receipt. If you do not receive this acknowledgement, please contact The WightAID Foundation to confirm safe receipt of your request.

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